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April 2016
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West Texas A&M Invitational CDEs
West of the Brazos Wildlife, Land, Range, and Homesite Contests
Chicken Little Invitational Poultry Judging Contest
Guadalupe Valley District (Area VII) CDEs and Speaking Events
Texas State Univ Invitational CDEs
Area VI District Speaking Events
District 1 Traveling Trophy Contest
FSCC Aggie Day
Area VII Consolidated CDE Registration
Cen-Tex (Area VII) District CDEs
2016 Virginia Equismartz Hippology Contest
Revaldina District (Area 7) CDEs
SDSU Little I Judging Contest
District 1 Traveling Trophy Horse Judging Contest
NEO A&M Aggie Day
Ohio Multi-Event CDEs
Texas A&M Judging Clinics
Clarendon College Invitational CDEs
Ohio Multi-Event CDEs
Maryland Spring Judging Events
Lingleville Invitational CDEs
State Officer Selection Process Preparation Workshop - Gilmer
Missouri SW District CDEs
Troy Invitational CDE & MOASK
Valley FFA Judging Contest
Southeast MO District CDEs at Cape Tech
2016 Virginia Equismartz Horse Judging
South Texas State Fair
Ohio Multi-Event CDEs
Sul Ross Invitational CDEs
Central Texas Wildlife Contest
Ingram FFA Wildlife Double Header
District 3 (Area 3) Officer Test & Interview
Sul Ross Ag Mech Project Show
OSU Collegiate FFA Speech Contest
Wyoming State FFA Convention
California Invitational CDE & MOASK
West TN Poultry CDE
Beebe FFA/ASU Searcy Cream of the Crop Classic CDE
Missouri South Central District CDEs
TAMU-Commerce Area CDEs
Missouri Northwest District CDEs
Vernon 4-H Horse Judging
District 3 (Area 3) Convention
Southeast MO District Horse CDE
Missouri Northwest District CDEs
Tri-County Judging Contest
McLennan Invitational CDEs
Windthorst Dairy Judging Contest
Kansas SW District Livestock and Entomology CDEs
Ohio Multi-Event CDEs Online Tests
NTCC Land, Forage, and Forestry CDEs
New Mexico State CDEs
Minnesota Region 6 Milk Quality & Products CDE
Nevada FFA Livestock Evaluation CDE
South Texas Invitational (STI) CDEs - Area X Only
South Texas Invitational (STI) CDEs - Other Areas
Lamar Community College Regional CDEs
Hamilton Classic Livestock Judging Contest
Area II Officer Election
NJC District FFA CDEs
South Dakota District V CDEs
Missouri Northeast District CDEs
Kansas North Central District Horse Judging
Kansas Northeast District Super CDE Day
Tarleton Invitational CDEs
Kansas Southeast District Livestock and Floriculture Contests
Connors State College Aggie Day Interscholastics
Collingsworth NCRS Judging Contest
Allen Community College Aggie Days
Lincoln Land Community College Livestock Judging
Allen Community College Aggie Days Livestock
Ohio Multi-Event CDEs Online Tests
Angelo State Invitational CDEs
Ohio Ag Mech Skills CDE
AMSA Southeastern Collegiate Meat Judging Contest
Illinois FFA Dairy Cattle CDE
Robertson County Fair Livestock Judging Contest
Area 4 Wool CDE
Minnesota Region 6 Meat CDE
Area X & Area X Invitational Dairy Cattle CDE
Virginia Appalachian Area Rally
East TN Floriculture and Nurs/Land Contests
OKC West Commercial Cattle Grading
Cleveland Livestock Contest
Texas Tech Invitational CDEs and Workshops
James Madison AMP CDE Invitational
Ohio Dairy Cattle & Dairy Cattle Handlers CDEs
Hackamore Ranch Open Range and Plant ID Contests
Tennessee State Poultry CDE
Indiana 4-H/FFA Region WHEP
Middle Tennessee Nursery Judging CDE
Middle Tennessee Floriculture Judging CDE
Montana State Horse Judging Contest
Louisiana State Livestock Judging Contest
Oklahoma FFA Interscholastics - Horse
District 11 CDM Contest
Ohio Ag Mech Skills CDE
South Dakota State FFA Convention
Ohio Dairy Cattle & Dairy Cattle Handlers CDEs
South Dakota State FFA Convention
Region 3 Wildlife Contest
Region 5 Wildlife Contest
Area VI FFA Horse Judging
Leon County Invitational Livestock Judging Contest
Region 1 Wildlife CDE
Region 2 Wildlife CDE
Area I Range & Pasture CDE
SHSU Invitational CDEs
Middle Tennessee Livestock CDE
Middle Tennessee Dairy CDE
District II (Area III) Speaking Events and Banquet
Area IV Range Plant ID Contest
Redlands Ag Interscholastic
AFR Livestock Judging Contest
South Dakota State FFA Convention
Tarleton Area CDEs
Kansas SW District Meat CDE
Kansas NW District Agronomy, Horticulture, & Horse Judging
Ohio Multi-Event CDEs
Kansas South Central District Ag Mechanics and Vet Science Contests
Area I Dairy Cattle CDE
Virginia State 4H Tractor Operator and State FFA Tractor Operator
Area IV CDE Fee
Roland Invitational CDEs
Montgomery County Livestock Contest
West TN Floriculture and Nursery CDEs
District 3 (Area III) Degree Check & Speaking Events
Area VII Wool CDE
Area 1 Vet Science CDE
Indiana Area 2 4-H/FFA Dairy Contest
Sam Houston District (Area IX) Speaking Events
Ohio Multi-Event CDEs
Alabama Central District FFA Eliminations
Arkansas State CDEs
Districts 1 & 2 Horse Judging Contests
South Plains College Livestock Judging Contest
TCC 10th Annual CDE
Area VII Ag Mech CDE
Southern Illinois University Carbondale Horticulture and Livestock CDEs
District 8 4-H Ag Product Identification Contest
East Tennessee Dairy Judging Contest
D4 4-H Consumer Decision Making
Texas 4-H Apiary Test
Texas A&M Area CDEs
State Officer Selection Process Preparation Workshop - Stephenville
Multi-District 4-H Horse Judging Contest
Texas Tech Area CDEs
Lone Star (Area VII) District CDEs
Alamo District (Area 7) CDEs
D4 4-H Ag ID
D4 4-H Photography Judging
Hill District (Area VII) Spring Events
Byron Nelson Classic Invitational Speaking Events - Cancelled
Pineywoods District (Area IX) Degree Check & Convention
Cen-Tex District (Area VIII) Convention
Waco District (Area 8) Officer, Speaking, and Talent
District 1 (Area III) Speaking, Talent, and Officer Elections
Cross Timbers District (Area IV) Speaking Events
Plainview District (Area 1) CDEs and Speaking Events
Wichita District (Area IV) Speaking Events and Officers
Oil Belt District (Area IV) Speaking Events and Officers
Big Bend (Area 2) District Meeting
Gateway District (Area X) Convention
Kansas North Central District Livestock Contest
Big Country District (Area IV) Speaking Events and Officers
Hamilton FFA Invitational CDEs
McGee Bend (Area 9) District Speaking Contest
District IV 4-H Horse Judging
Collegiate Horse Judging at NCTC
Ricebelt District (Area 9) Degree Check and Speaking Events
Tip-O-Texas District (Area X) Officer Election & Talent Contest
Hamilton Invitational CDEs
Kansas NW District Livestock Judging
Ohio Multi-Event CDEs Online Tests
District 7 Meat Contest
Kansas ECD Livestock, N & L, Food Science
Tip-O-Texas District (Area X) Speaking Contest
Coffeyville Aggie Days
Kansas Northeast District Livestock Judging Contest
Tarleton State CDEs
New Jersey Spring CDEs
Tip-O-Texas District (Area X) Degree Check
Missouri State CDEs
Ohio Multi-Event CDEs Online Tests
Alabama North District FFA Eliminations
Illinois FFA Horticulture, Livestock, and Poultry CDEs
District 1 Livestock Judging Contest
District 1 Consumer Decision Making Contest
4-H Multi-District Contests at Texas A&M
Ohio Environmental & Natural Resources CDE
Multi-District 4-H Livestock Judging Contest
Multi-District 4-H Meat Judging Contest
Multi-District 4-H Meat Judging Contest
North Carolina State Horse CDE
Texas Tech State Qualifier Practice Meats Contest
Texas Tech State CDEs
Tennessee State Meat CDE
Tennessee State Food Science CDE
TAMU AggieFest Invitational Speaking Events
Oklahoma FFA Interscholastics
District 6 4-H Livestock Judging Contest
District 10 and 12 4-H Livestock Contest
Needville Youth Fair
Ohio Environmental & Natural Resources CDE
Sandyland District (Area VIII) Convention
District V (Area 3) Speaking Events, Talent, and Degree Check
Breckenridge FFA Alumni Pre-State Wildlife Double Header Contest
Mesa District Convention
Minnesota State Meat Contest
San Saba Degree Check (Area VII)
Texas State Wildlife WRM CDE
Ohio Floriculture CDE Finals
Minnesota State Meat, Milk Quality, and Poultry CDEs
Utah State CDEs - Traditional Dues Registration
Utah State CDEs - Affiliated Dues Registration
Lone Star District (Area VII) Banquet
Littlefield District (Area I) Convention
Rio Grande Valley District (Area X) Convention
Ohio Outdoor Power Equipment CDE
Ohio Outdoor Power Equipment CDE
Ohio Multi-Event CDEs Online Tests
Lake Whitney District (Area 8) Convention
District 4 (Area III) Spring Events & Degree Check
District VI (Area 3 ) Convention, Degree Check, And Speaking Events
Texas State Woodland Clinic
TAMUK Ag Mechanics Project Show
Revaldina (Area VII) District Banquet
Ohio Floriculture CDE Finals
Tarleton Pre-State Livestock Workout
Ohio Multi-Event CDEs Online Tests
Arizona Yuma CDE Day
Virginia State 4H & FFA Poultry Judging
Wharton County Livestock Judging
Texas A&M State CDEs
Ohio Multi-Event CDEs
Tennessee State Mechanics CDE
Tennessee State Floriculture CDE
Tennessee State Nursery Landscape CDE
East Tennessee Livestock Judging Contest

JC24: Friday, April 29, 2016