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March 2017
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Delaware Meat Evaluation CDE
Hope 4-H/ McLeod FFA Invitational Forestry CDE
Kansas ECD Floriculture and Entomology
Kansas ECD Floriculture and Entomology
Kansas NE District Ag Sales, Ag Mech, and Poultry
Kansas SW District Crops
Kansas SW District Farm Business Management
Kansas SW District Food Science
Kansas SW District Vet Science
Mizzou Collegiate FFA Invitational Leadership CDEs
Ohio Wilmington College Aggies Invitational
Possum Kingdom Area Land, Range and Plant ID contest
Sweetwater FFA Invitational CDEs
Jack Co. SWCD and Jacksboro FFA Contests
Crowder College Aggie Day Speaking, Job Interview, and Ag Sales Contests
Logan County Arkansas FFA Field Day
Wyoming Employment Skills CDE
Arkansas Southern District CDEs at SAU
Arizona FFA Spring Conference CDEs
Brunswick Judging Day
Hill Country Spring CDEs
Matagorda Co Fair Livestock Judging Contest
MN Region 7 March Contests
Smith County Youth Expo Livestock Judging Contest
South Dakota District VI FFA CDEs
Texas A&M SAEs and Texas FFA Awards Workshop
Columbia FFA MOASKs
Conrad Crops and Mechanics Seminar
Decatur Livestock
District 8 4-H Consumer Decision Making Contest
Missouri Livestock Judging and Grading Clinic
Mizzou Collegiate Meats Judging Contest
New Mexico Carrizozo Invitational CDEs
North Dakota State 4-H Livestock Contest
North Dakota Turtle Lake CDEs
North Dakota Wyndmere CDEs
Purdue Dairy Invitational
South Carolina Dairy Foods Contest
Southern Illinois Livestock Contest
State Officer Selection Process Preparation Workshop - Stephenville
Texas A&M Judging Clinics
Live Oak County Livestock Judging Contest
Pewitt FFA Online FBM Contest
Victoria Livestock Judging Contest
East Newton Leadership Jackpot
Marshall FFA Alumni Contest Day
Central Arkansas CDEs
Hamilton Judging Day
Kansas NW District Poultry & Entomology
Kansas SED Dairy Cattle CDE
Kansas SED Milk Evaluation CDE
Kansas SED Poultry CDE
MN Region 6 FBM CDE
Nebraska District 8 Livestock Judging
Watertown Area FFA CDE
Alabama State Land Judging
Arkansas Eastern District CDEs at Arkansas State Univ.
Delaware State FFA Convention
HLSR Horse Judging Contest
Red River Army Depot Forestry Invitational
Willard MOASK
Anson Invitational CDEs
Decatur Invitational CDEs
Delaware State FFA Convention
Freestone County SWCD Land/Homesite Contest
HLSR George Ranch Livestock Contest
Navarro College John Deere TECH Open House Event
Delaware State FFA Convention
Longview FFA Meat Judging and Welding
Pipestone Minnesota Invitational Meats Evaluation and ID CDE
Schuyler Co FFA Alumni CDE Day
South Dakota Deuel CDE
Western Slope Colorado Ag Contest
New Mexico Las Cruces CDEs
Elsberry FFA Contest
HLSR Collegiate Meat Judging Contest
HLSR Floriculture Judging Contest
HLSR Nursery/Landscape Judging Contest
HLSR Plant ID Contest
Illinois Vet Science
Miller FFA Alumni Contest & MOASK
Montana Western District CDEs
Montana Western District FFA Contest
New Mexico Tucumcari CDEs
North Dakota Carrington CDEs
South Carolina Dairy Foods Contest
State Officer Selection Process Preparation Workshop - Lubbock
White Oak FFA Invitational CDE
HLSR Junior Commercial Steer Exam
19th Annual Lathrop Judging Day
AFR Youth Achievement Test
Katy FFA Invitational Poultry Judging Contest
Pleasant Hope FFA MOASK CDEs
TRCC Aggies MO-ASK CDE Contest
Missouri Area 12 FFA LDEs
HLSR Poultry Judging Contest
Lincoln University FFA Judging Contest
Missouri Area 11 and 9 Knowledge Contest
South Dakota District IV CDEs
Southern District CDEs at SAU
Drexel Missouri FFA LDEs
Missouri Area 10 Leadership
Puxico Agronomy IRC
South Dakota Flandreau CDE
2nd Annual Southern Missouri Showdown
Arkansas Northwest District CDEs at ATU
Holden Alumni Leadership Development Event Contest - CANCELLED
North Carolina State Poultry CDE
Tarleton State Dairy Club Dairy Cattle Clinic and Pre-Contest Workout
Archie MOASKs
JudgingCard Online Floral Design Challenge
Linn HS FFA Contest Day
New Mexico Disrict 6 CDEs
Pemiscot County CTC MOASK-IRC (Ag Mechanics only)
Tarleton State Dairy Club Invitational Judging Contest
Guadalupe County Vet Science Contest
Guadalupe County Vet Science Contest
HLSR CDE Wildlife Judging Contest
HLSR WHEP Wildlife Judging Contest
Missouri McDonald County MoASK CDEs
New Mexico Roswell CDEs
New Mexico State Meat Contest
Rio Grande Valley FFA/4-H Livestock Judging Contest
Troy Invitational CDE & MOASK
HLSR Public Speaking Contest
HLSR State FFA Tractor Tech Contest
HLSR 4-H/FFA Livestock Judging Contest
HLSR 4-H/FFA Wool Judging Contest
HLSR Collegiate Livestock Judging Contest
HLSR Collegiate Wool Judging Contest
North Dakota State FFA Contest
Savannah FFA MOASK
Wyoming FFA State Vet Science CDE
Wyoming Torrington/Lingle Poultry Contest
Missouri Area 14 CDEs
Eastern New Mexico University CDEs
HLSR Vet Science Contest
Mt. Vernon FFA Invitational Land & Homesite CDE
Nevada State FFA Convention
South Dakota Miller CDEs
Wyoming Marketing Plan CDE
Wyoming Public Speaking CDEs
HLSR Ag Product ID Contest
Missouri Area 13 Ag Contests - Houston
Montana State Convention CDEs
South District FFA Spring Eliminations
Bowie/Cass-Marion/Sulphur Cypress Spring Field Day
Crowder College Aggie Day
Mineral Area College (MAC) TSAs
NCMC Ag Club Contests
Rodeo Austin Livestock Judging Contest
South Dakota Howard FFA CDE
Will Rogers Classic
Wyoming Northwest College Contest
Eastern Oklahoma State College Interscholastics
Louisiana Area 1 Meat Contest
Ozark Spring Roundup Youth Horse Judging Contest
Virginia 4H/FFA Equismartz
HLSR Dairy Judging Contest
Indiana State Hippology
James Madison FFA Invitational CDEs
O'Connor FFA Invitational CDEs
Skyline FFA Aggie Day
State Officer Selection Process Preparation Workshop - Houston
Texas Tech Invitational CDEs and Workshops
Virginia 4H/FFA Equismartz Horse
Virginia State FFA Horse CDE
Weld Central CDE Judging Contests
Wyoming Casper College CDEs
Ingram FFA Wildlife Double Header
Missouri Northeast District LDEs
Plano West FFA Invitational CDE
South Dakota Tri-Valley FFA CDEs
CCC Aggie Day
Louisiana State Meat Judging Contest
Missouri Area 13 Ag Contests - Summersville
Missouri Central District CDEs
Missouri NW District FFA Knowledge
Rich Mountain RCH/Cossatat Conservation District Land & Forestry Contest
Rolling Plains Wildlife Contest
St Paul Livestock Judging
Tennessee State FBM CDE
Gulf Coast Land, Range, Homesite, and Wildlife Contest
Kansas SED Vet Science CDE
Kansas South Central District Floriculture CDE
New Jersey Winter CDEs
New Mexico State CDEs
North Shelby Judging Contest
Oklahoma Duncan Hog Bonanza
Revaldina District (Area 7) CDEs
South Dakota Sturgis CDE
Southeast MO District Horse CDE
Windthorst Dairy, Wildlife, Range, Entomology, and Floriculture
Southeast MO District CDEs at SEMO
Ward L (Mr. Jack) Warnock Forestry and Soils Contest
Area X Invitational Dairy Cattle CDE
District 1 Traveling Trophy Horse Contest
FSCC Aggie Day
HCC Invitational CDEs
Illinois State Dairy Cattle Evaluation
NCTC Invitational Horse Contest
South Dakota Little I
Texas State Univserity Invitational CDEs
West Texas A&M Invitational CDEs

JC24: Thursday, March 30, 2017