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Utah Leadership Conference 1: Richfield
Friday, December 1, 2017

Online Registration Link: Online Registration      
Registration Status: Closed

Location: Richfield , UT
Online Regstration Starts*: 10/11/2017 8:00 AM
Late Registration Starts*:
Registration Closes*: 11/28/2017 9:00 AM
*These dates are subject to change by the event host.

Registration will open/close automatically Yes
Entry fees billed to account: Yes

Registration Information Contact: Megan Cook
Payment Mailing Address: Ewell Educational Services
P.O. Box 15924
College Station, TX 77841-5125
Other Information: ALL attending members must pay the registration fee. Member registration fee includes: dinner, refreshments, conference attendance and materials. Advisors & Chaperone's attend at a reduced rate. Conference registration includes dinner but does NOT include lodging. Chapters are responsible to secure their own housing.

Websites or Documents / Additional Information
2017 ULC Information.pdf Click here 10/9/2017
2017 ULC Schedule--Richfield 1.pdf Click here 10/9/2017

Event Name (Entry Restrictions)Pre-reg. $Late Reg. $Scan Sheet# Registered 
Advanced Track (Affiliated Dues) () $47.00 / Student $47.00(None/Unspecified/Provided) 38 Map
Advanced Track(Traditional Dues) () $49.00 / Student $49.00(None/Unspecified/Provided) 113 Map
Advisor () $10.00 / Advisor $10.00(None/Unspecified/Provided) 17 Map
Greenhand Track (Affiliated Dues) () $47.00 / Student $47.00(None/Unspecified/Provided) 38 Map
Greenhand Track(Traditional Dues) () $49.00 / Student $49.00(None/Unspecified/Provided) 139 Map

JC24: Sunday, December 17, 2017