Ohio Food Science Technology
Dec 02, 2017

Thank you to: 

Maria Ruhlman (W.W. Kellogg), Jenny Guliford (SensoryEffects), Emily Adams, (OSU Extension), Anna Schmenk(OSU Student Coordinator) 
The Ohio State Universtity Student Volunteers

Thank you to the Food Science Department and Dr. Sheryl Barringer, Department Chair for the use of the facilities and the scholarships for the high individuals that choose to attend The Ohio State University and study Food Science.

1st place individual - $3000.00 - Emily Kanney - Plymouth

2nd place individual - $2000.00 - Alex Parsio - Big Walnut -DACC

3rd place individual - $1000.00 - Zac Duggans - Ross Butler Tech

4th individual – 500.00 - Joseph Glassmeyer - Felicity Franklin

 Congratulations to Big Walnut - DACC Ohio's representative to the National Food Science CDE at the 2018 National FFA Convention 
Felicity Franklin has earned the opportunity to represent Ohio at the 2018 Big E Food Science CDE

Ohio FFA Food Science Individual Team Classes Map

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